5 Places Where You Want to Be on Your Next Holiday

If you ran out of ideas where to spend your next holiday, we suggest you some pretty amazing places that are waiting to be discovered. These are not your usual go-to Transylvanian landmarks, but rather some mysterious gems of this picturesque region. If you want to experience something different as well as unique, these are the places where you want to be on your next holiday.

  1. The Village of Biertan a medieval fairy-tale. Located in Sibiu County, this spectacular village is full of monuments of the medieval time with the Fortified Church of Biertan as protagonist, which oversees the village from the hill in its center.

    You should know that Biertan is considered one of the top “most unreal” destinations of the world, competing with Phi Phi Islands, Santorini or Bora Bora. Once in Biertan, make sure you do not miss the workshops with traditional fabrics, embroidery and carpentry on display, the old chemist’s shop and the Feed Mill. Even more, you will discover a beautiful architectural collection, the towers of Biertan: Clock Tower, Bacon Tower, Gate Tower and Weaver’s Tower. Once finished with the man-made wonders, you can shift your gaze to the incredible scenery that surrounds Biertan.

  2. Zalan ValleyPrince Charles’ Transylvanian jewel. Located in Covasna County, the village of Zalan Valley caught Prince Charles’ sight with its genuineness and simplicity. If you visit Zalan Valley, you could sleep in one of the three houses curated and traditionally restored by Prince Charles and experience the traditional way of life. Zalan Valley is the perfect destination for everyone who enjoys the calmness of the rural life, eating traditional food, sitting back and admiring the breathtaking beauty of untouched nature.
  3. Fagaras Citadelan amazingly well-preserved fortress and it surroundings. Fagaras Citadel is one of the largest and best preserved medieval fortresses in Europe. While visiting the fortress, also make time to see the impressive collection of the “Valer Literat” Museum. It exhibits 18 rooms dedicated to archaeology, weapons, coins, old books and documents, arts and crafts, costumes and custom religious glass paintings. The Fagaras Fortress has been guarding the city of Fagaras for centuries. The picturesque city located in Brasov County has an abundant cultural and historical bundle.
  4. Tihuta Pass the mystical road between two worlds. This mountainous road has been connecting Bistrita (Transylvania) and Vatra Dornei (Bucovina and Moldavia) for centuries on end. Tihuta is also known as Borgo Pass in Bram Stoker’s horror novel “Dracula”, a gateway to Count Dracula’s realm. Today, the main attraction of Tihuta is “Castel Dracula”, a hotel which mimics the style of a medieval villa. Close to this incredible mountainous pass between two worlds, tourists can visit the Colibita Lake, a man-made lake with a tumultuous legend. It is said that an entire village is succumbed at the bottom of the lake and sometimes, the church’s tower can be spotted arising from the water.


  1. Vaser Valley a unique forestry railway getaway. Vaser Valley is located on the border with Ukraine and it hosts the last Carpathian forestry railway. Over the 50 kilometers of railway, you will be amazed by the scenery before your very eyes. Vaser Valley is an area devoid of human touch and a great display of just how beautiful untouched nature can be. If you want to get away from the agitated and crammed urban life, a journey with the steam train along the Vaser Valley is the ideal invigorating formula for you.

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